ようこそ、洋食のねこやへ!!」 アレッタとクロが働いている「洋食のねこや」は猫の絵が描かれた看板が目印。 一見、日本のどこにでもある普通の食堂だが、7日に一度“特別営業”である
ドヨウの日になると、異世界のあらゆる場所に扉がつながる。 扉を通じて、今日も様々な“向こうの世界”の客がやってきては絶品の料理に

一期一会を描く物語。 温かい出会いの扉が再びつながる。


“Welcome to Western Restaurant Nekoya!” Western Restaurant Nekoya, the restaurant where Aletta and Kuro work, is identifiable by its sign with a picture of a cat on it. At first glance, it looks like the kind of restaurant you’d find anywhere in Japan, but once every seven days, on the Day of Satur, its door leads to one of several spots in a parallel world. Through this door, a variety of customers come from this parallel world to dine on exquisite cuisine before returning home.

This is the story of all the unique visitors to the restaurant, the delicious food it serves, and the once-in-a-lifetime encounters that occur there. The door once again leads to warm, friendly new meetings.